Day: May 5, 2012

Costa Rica Beachfront property restrictions

Estimated Reading Time: 4 Minutes Before you buy any Costa Rica beachfront real estate, you should learn more about Costa Rica beachfront property. Costa Rica has very little titled beachfront, most of it is a concession. Beachfront property in concession has a lot of restrictions, so you will need to check with your attorney before…

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Precautions for buying Costa Rica Beach Front Property

Costa Rica beachfront property has certain restrictions that you should know about before you purchase because it is located in the Maritime Zone or ZMT. When buying Costa Rica beachfront property, you should ask our affiliate beach real estate agents. Second, you should use any of the closing attorneys our affiliated real estate agents recommend.…

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Maritime zoning for Costa Rica beach front property

We get questions if you can own Costa Rica beachfront property with maritime zoning all the time. For those interested in buying Costa Rica beachfront property, this article will make the information more accessible. To begin with, not all beach property has maritime zoning. You can purchase fully titled land in front of the beach or…

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