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5 Lies Costa Rica real estate agents might tell you

Not every property buyer is interested in using the services of professional Costa Rica real estate agents for one of the most difficult investments most ever make: the purchase of your retirement home. Some have an aversion to all sales people which includes real estate agents. Reliable and knowledgeable real estate agents have a Costa Rica…

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How binding is a Costa Rica real estate developer promise?

Are you buying a new house or a condo from a real estate developer in Costa Rica? Don’t you know how binding the builder’s promise is? You are probably purchasing a particular property from a real estate developer or builder for the specific finishes. This can be: a beautiful swimming pool, the clubhouse, a beautiful…

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Costa Rica developers are never happy with home inspections

Did you know that real estate developers and home builders in Costa Rica are never happy with home inspections? They will tell you: why do you want to waste your money on a home inspection! Don’t worry, we will fix anything that doesn’t function. Your request for a home inspection from the developer or builder…

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