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Currency Brokers To Transfer Money To Costa Rica

The Cheapest Way To Transfer Money To Costa Rica: Currency Brokers

Estimated Reading Time: 6 Minutes When you purchase a property in Costa Rica, and your savings are in a different currency than US dollars, you will need the assistance of currency brokers. Transferring money to Costa Rica for your property purchase is not cheap, the reason for this article. While property in Costa Rica is…

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How to buy foreclosed property in Costa Rica?

Estimated Reading Time: 5 Minutes Did you know that real estate agents seldom list foreclosed property in Costa Rica? Unusual, isn’t it? Real estate licensing is not mandatory. This is the reason banks do not use real estate professionals to sell a bank-owned property. Only in a buyer’s market, some banks ask realtors to register.…

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Can I make my offer on a Costa Rica property contingent on the sale of my property at home?

Our real estate agent said we could make an offer contingent on the sale of our own property. Can you explain in detail how that works and is there any cost to us? Also, what if our property doesn’t sell in the time given? Thanks Quite a few of our Costa Rica real estate buyers,…

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Mortgages or Financing in Costa Rica

Your American-European real estate agent can help you determine the best route for mortgages or financing in Costa Rica. This should be done according to conditions in the market and your personal situation. In today’s market, if you are looking to purchase a property through mortgage financing with a Costa Rican bank, you need to…

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