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FAQ | Does the rent include the utility costs in Costa Rica?

A very common frequently asked question we receive from clients is if the utility costs are included in rentals. It’s a great question because the utility costs can run up quite a bit. So the utility costs can cut into your budget tremendously. The correct answer to this question is that sometimes it is and…

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Costa Rica phone company changes important phone numbers

The Costa Rica phone company (ICE) announces changes in important phone numbers. You really want to make sure you have those numbers, so you won’t have to look for them when needed. ICE, our government-owned telecommunications company in Costa Rica has competition now. So you can choose for the first time since the civil war…

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Post Closing Issues by Attorney Roger Petersen

Post-closing issues are often forgotten by the real estate agent, the closing attorney, and even the buyer. Often buyers assume these post-closing issues just happen automatically. Well, in Costa Rica, nothing goes automatically. That’s why I asked attorney Roger Petersen to help us out and write a blog about it. These post-closing issues seem so…

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