Author: Daniel Langlois

Sustainable shopping in Eco Center Santa Ana

Sustainable shopping is now available for those who are looking for green products, on the west-side of San Jose. Commercial growth is turning Santa Ana little by little into a real city, showing a stable Costa Rica real estate market. You find entrepreneurs investing in new businesses everywhere. Therefore, I wasn’t surprised to find the…

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Escazu has the highest percentage of foreign born

20% Of the population living in Escazu is foreign born. Escazu has, therefore, the highest percentage of the population born abroad in the Province of San Jose. This does not mean that those who live in Escazu are mostly foreigners. The demographics do show that there is a high percentage of foreign born. They might…

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Daniel’s corner mixed bag of important West Side information

Looking to live on the west side of San José? Then check out Daniel’s corner mixed bag of important West Side information. Find important West side information open-air fresh fruit, fresh flowers, and vegetable markets. Many of our newcomers don´t know that the Costarican farmer’s markets are quite famous for their fresh fruits and vegetables. You…

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