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5 Reasons to Hire the Architect Before Buying the Building Lot

Estimated Reading Time: 11 Minutes Why should you hire the architect and begin the planning process before buying the building lot?  The vast majority of our customers don’t even talk to an architect until they want to start building the house. Hiring an architect before buying the building lot they fell in love with is…

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Guess why buying an Uvita building lot to custom build a luxury home is a good idea

Have you been looking for a luxury home for sale in Uvita in the South Pacific zone of Costa Rica? Unfortunately, you cannot find a luxury home that fits your requirements. No worries, there are plenty of options for you. We can assist you in finding the perfect Uvita building lot for custom building your…

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Tamarindo building lot options that fit your personality

You don’t have the right personality to live in a cookie-cutter condo in Tamarindo? You know you have great taste and you can afford to custom build a nice house. Do you know what your Tamarindo building lot options are? First, before you start looking at the Tamarindo building lots options available in the market…

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