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Why is now the time to buy Santa Teresa development land?

Estimated Reading Time: 5 Minutes Now is the time to buy Santa Teresa development land if you are looking to make a good real estate investment. Raw development land in Costa Rica appreciates so much better than any other investments in Costa Rica, depending on the location. Seth Williams of RE tipster said so correctly:…

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Looking for Santa Teresa land for sale in a Lamborghini or an ATV?

Our Santa Teresa real estate agent, Tino Gnauck, to show Santa Teresa land for sale, goes extreme on his own vehicle. Tino drives an ATV. In some countries, the realtors who specialize in luxury property drive a Lamborghini, a Viper or a Maserati. Real estate agents in Costa Rica generally drive a 4 x 4…

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6 Blockbuster investments in Santa Teresa real estate with added value

Are you in for a profitable investment adventure? You have to take a shot at blockbuster investments in Santa Teresa real estate. This is located in the Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica. I’m inviting you to visit and see with your own eyes. That’s the only way you can start off on the right foot and find…

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