Day: June 5, 2013

Electrical Installations in Costa Rica real estate

Should you trust the electrical installations of the home you’re planning to purchase? When buying a home in Costa Rica, you can expect a different electrical system in the home than you are used to. We install electric outlets to enable our appliances, lamps, computer equipment, etc to work for our convenience. In most new…

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A few strange differences in Costa Rica real estate

You will find some strange differences in Costa Rica real estate when shopping for a property. Houses in Costa Rica that are for sale and advertised by real estate agents have most of the time a few strange differences from other countries because of language differences created by a multicultural country. There are many people…

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Avoiding the main construction safety pitfalls

Construction safety is not taken very seriously in Costa Rica. The word ‘pitfall’ is particularly appropriate in the construction industry, where falling into an open pit is one of the genuine risks faced by some contractors. While many people might associate the word itself with the risk of a collapsing mine shaft, it actually dates…

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