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Look for the local knowledge when buying real estate in Costa Rica

No one in the Costa Rica real estate market can take our place when it comes to sharing local knowledge and expertise. That’s why we publish our weekly blogs. It’s embarrassing to see so much wrong information published by many real estate websites because they lack local knowledge. Many years ago, I took on the…

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A Costa Rica real estate misconception: what the heck do realtors do anyway?

Home sellers often have a misconception about what realtors do to earn a real estate commission. Let me clear that misconception up, so sellers understand what they really pay real estate commission for. Last week, The Tico Times published my article titled “8 reasons why your property in Costa Rica has not sold in 7 years”.…

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Helping You with your Jaco Beach Real Estate AFTER the Sale

How important do you think the assistance AFTER the Sale is? If you are thinking about purchasing Jaco Beach real estate one thing is certain, throughout the process you will have questions and will seek some guidance. However, what most people forget is the number of questions and assistance they’ll need after they purchase their…

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