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Do we know where the Costa Rica real estate bones are buried?

What was the reason Barry Ashworth of Coronado Realty, Kjersten van Horn of Tucan Realty and I started the American European Real Estate Group Costa Rica in 1996? We wanted to have an organization with agents who know where the Costa Rica real estate bones were buried. That was the only way we could help our…

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A residential real estate agent should possess the following qualities

What qualities should a residential real estate agent possess to do a good job? The residential real estate world has many people like home inspectors, bankers, appraisers, property managers, prospective buyers, and sellers. However, if you wish to sell or buy a property, real estate agents and brokers are the ones to look out for. Good…

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I have my Michigan real estate license, is it valid for Costa Rica?

I have my real estate license in Michigan, so I know what I’m doing”. I’m sorry but you don’t, at least not in Costa Rica. The US doesn’t have a nationwide real estate license either. Costa Rica is another country with a different language and very different rules than the US. Real estate licensing is…

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